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Electrolytic Cleaning Agent SUNECON E-7100

SUNECON E-7100 is an electrolytic cleaning agent used for cleaning molding stains, degreasing steel and cleaning smut.

SUNECON E-7100 is for any electrolytic cleaning machines. It removes stains from gas burnt, tar and grease on steel surface physically and chemically. SUNECON E-7100 is not applicable to the Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law and the Fire Service Act and is easy to manage and handle.


・Cleaning various molds [washing time: 10~30 minutes]
(PC, PBT, ABS, PP, PPS, PA, LCP resin, etc.)
・Removing mineral oil and hardened oil
・Removing smuts and buff trashes


・Is not applicable to the Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law, the Fire Service Act and the PRTR Law.
・Depending on stain or dirt, polarity (anode, cathode or PR) may be used.


・Appearance: Transparent pale yellow liquid
・Odor: No odor (no odor while cleaning and after cleaning as well)
・pH: Strong Alkaline

Use Conditions

  1. Concentration: Undiluted solution
  2. Temperature: Room temperature ~50℃
  3. Method: Electrolytic cleaning


20 kg can

Related Laws and Regulations

  1. Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law: Not applicable
  2. Fire Service Law: Not applicable
  3. Occupational Safety and Health Act: Sodium hydroxide
  4. Water Pollution Control Law: pH, C.O.D, B.O.D
  5. PRTR Law: Not applicable


  1. DO NOT USE it on aluminum and metals such as zinc since they dissolve in alkaline solution and produce hydrogen gas.
  2. Please rinse with water after cleaning since alkaline residue have negative effect on molding.
  3. We recommend using rust prevention agent after drying.
    *We recommend using “SUNECON NR-JW” for rust prevention agent.
  4. Please use protection gears (e.g. rubber gloves and goggles) while in use.
  5. If solution comes in contact with skin, please wash it off with water elaborately and consult with doctor if necessary.
    *For more detail about safety, please refer to the safety data sheet (SDS).
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