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Expert on the surface treatment of metals

We handle metal surface treatment agent "SUNECON" series such as rubber mold cleaner "KR-303".

For over 50 years since 1962, we have developed and produced products that fits the needs of manufacturers.
We have been working on material evolution and environmental issue concerning the surface tratment agent in the perspective of manufacturers. Please fell free to contact us.


Rubber Mold Cleaning Agent SUNECON KR-303

SUNECON KR-303 is a rubber mold cleaning agent which has received high reviews from customers for many years. Click here for details

weak alkaline cleansing agent for iron and casting parts SUNECON A-8700

SUNECON A-8700 is hypofoam, and could be used for spray cleansing which do not require washing it could be easilly dryed after cleansing, and we assure you the improvement of productivity Click here for details

aluminum cleaning agent SUNECON Aℓ-K

SUNECON Al-K does not damage aluminum neverthless the high acidity cleanable while protecting aluminum, and achieve clean aluminum surface. Cleaning after milling and polish anodizing. Used for oil and lumina contamination. Click here for details

Electrolytic cleaning detergentSUNECON E-7200

Used in various electrolytic cleaning device. A detergent developed for electrolytic clening device to clean dirt adhesion after molding, steel skim, bavkas, and smut Click here for details

Masking agentsSUNECON MaskAce S

A rubber type masking agent with high heat resistance, acid resistance, and alkaline resistance. The coating is strong, and could easilly be peeled off by hand after plating. The coating is strong, and could easilly be peeled off by hand after plating. Click here for details

coating type antistatic agentSUNECON TG-1000

Most suitable agent to apply to rubber or resin. Dissolute to water, ethanol, IPA, etc allowing to adjust dryness. Prevent the static electricity during winter season. Click here for details

Coating type antistatic agent SUNECON CP-2000

Sunecon CP-2000 is a conductive coating agent which is mainly composed of PEDOT(Polythiophene type conductive polymer) Dissolute to water, ethanol, IPA, etc allowing to adjust dryness. Click here for details

We are consistently involved on development, manufacturing, and sales of "SUNECON" series, to deal precisely with our customer's needs, and to manufacture envivronmentaly firendly products.
Also, we ship our products to China, Taiwan, and to Southeast Asia including Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia.
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