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SUNECON Mask Ace SMasking agents

Masking agents SUNECON Mask Ace S

A rubber type masking agent with high heat resistance, acid resistance, and alkaline resistance.

The coating is strong, and could easilly be peeled off by hand after plating.

Be aware of the GHS label when using.
Consult the Safety Data Sheet(SDS) for more imformation.

This agent is a droplet type, and could be easilly managed.

A rubber type masking agent with high heat resistance, acid resistance, and alkaline resistance.

The agent will be carbonized after plating, but will show masking effect.

Mask Ace S
Name Mask Ace S
Properties Rubber Type
Usage and main application

electroless nickel plating, electrolytic plating, hot-dip galvanizing, anodizing, chemical polishing, electropolishing, elecro-rust processing, masking.

※ You need a physical way to remove carbonized agent after hot-zip galvanizing,

coating of plating jig, anti-rust agent(coating will cutoff air), masking of metal corrosion resistance test.

ingredient synthetic rubber
appearance green sticky liquid.※ liquid diluted by solvent.
施工方法 droplet appliation type. 3 layer coating
specific weight 0.95~0.96
viscosity 2,500~3,500mPa・s
burning point 13.6℃
How to use Solution temperature Room temperature


((***) 希釈には専用シンナーを使用します。)


Immersion cleansing . Brushing

coat after degrease cleaning.

coating requires 1~3times, but we recommend to recoat few times to increase the effect of coating and easilly peel off.

※ recoat after the previous layer is dryed.

Leave at room temperature at least 2 hours to dry.

To lessen the drying time, dry 1hour at room temperatrue, and procces 20~30 minutes at 70℃.

Related laws and regulations Poisonous/deleterious substances law
Fire services act First petroleum
Industrial Safety and Health Act Applicable
PRTR Applicable

The agent is highly flammable, so be aware to coat in a place with no fire and no heat source.(in a explosion proof facility)

Be sure to wear mask, glass, rubber glove for the protection from organic solvent.

Ventilize the facility.



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