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SUNECON KR-303rubber mold detergent

rubber mold detergent SUNECON KR-303

SANECON KR-303 has been used as a rubber mold detergent for many years, and has been highly evaluated for its cleaning performance.

Also, the detergent could be diluted depending on the amount of dirt.

Name KR-303
Liquidity Strong alkaline
Main uses

Rubber manufacturing mold detergent.

※Carbonized vulvanizing agent and mold release agent stains can be removed instantly. Light red rust can be removed at the same time.

Other usage: resing manufacturing mold detergent (ultrasonic cleaning), carbon removal, degreasing.

Features Appearances Light yellowish transparent liquid
How to use Temperature Room temperature~85℃
Concentration Undiluted~diluted
  1. Rinsings

    Pour the diluted or undiluted detergent onto the surface of the hot mold (mold temperature above 100℃)

    Wash in water before the stain dries, as it soften and releases.

    ※We recommend you to place a cleaning tank and a drain port at the bottom of the tank, for the repeated use of the detergent.

  2. Immersion washing

    Heat the diluted or undiluted detergent in a stainless steel tank (70℃~100℃).

    Immerse the mold into the heated detergent.

    Wash in water before the stain dries, as it soften and releases.

    ※ Replenish the water and adjust the liquid level when the water evaporates.

    ※ If you do not have heating facilities, you can also immerse hot mold (above 100℃) into detergent at room temperature .

    ※ Please use brush if needed when cleaning.

Related laws Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Act Deleterious
Fire Services Act
Security law



Wash off with water thoroughly after cleaning.

Please use cotton material to wipe the hot mold. The chemical fibers may react with heat and produce gas.

Do not use aluminum or zinc as they will melt on contact.

Please pay attention to the precautions on theGHS label when using.

SUNECON KR-303 come under Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Act.

Please refer to Safety Data Sheet (SDS) for more information and related laws.

※ Please use "SUNECON KR-303H" when using to automatic rubber mold cleaner(spray type)


Domestic: 20Kg(can)、200Kg(drum)

Shipping: 25Kg(UNcan)、200Kg(UNdrum)

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