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SUNECON KR-6150Rubber mold detergent

Rubber mold detergent SUNECON KR-6150

SUNECON KR-6150 is a detergent for cleaning rubber manufacturing mold.

Easily removes carbide on the mold.

Also, SUNECON KR-6150 is dillutable by water depending on the dirtiness.

Name KR-6150
Liquidity Strong alkaline
Main uses

Detergent for rubber manufacturing mold.

※ Instantly removes carbided vulcanizing agent and release agent. Also, removes red rust.

Other uses: cleaning of resin manufacturing mold(ultrasonic wave celaning), removal of carbon, degrease cleaning

Feature Appearance Light yewllowish transparent liquid
Specific gravity 1.24 (20℃)
PH 113.3 (5%)
How to use Temperature Room temperature~85℃
Concentration Undiluted~diluted
  1. Over washing

    Over wash the mold(over 100℃) with undiluted or diluted agent.

    Wash away the softened dirt by water before drying out.

    Over washed agent coul be repeatedly used. Putting drain mouth and cleaning tank to restore agent is recommended.

  2. Immersion washing

    Put undiluted or diluted agent inside the stainless tank and warm up to 70~100℃.

    Immerse the mold into agent

    Take out the mold and wash away with water after the dirt is seperated.

    ※ The water will evaporate when heating. Add water to adjust the level.

    ※ Incase you do not have heating equipment, immersing heated mold (over 100℃) is also available.

    ※ Brush if necessary when over washing and immersion washing.

Related laws Poisonous and deleterious substances control act Poisonous
Fire services act
Industrial safety and health act



Wash away with water thoroughly after washing.

Chemical fiber may react with heated mold and produce gas. Use line material to wipe.

Do not use for aluminum and zinc to prevent dissolving.

Pay attension to GHS label on the product.

SUNECON KR-6150 correspond to poisonous and deleterious substances control act.

Look up for SDS for specific information on safety and related laws.

※ Use SUNECON KR-6150H for rubber mold automatic cleaning machine.


Domestic use:20Kg can

Shipping:24Kg(UN can)

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