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SUNECON KR-501Rubber mold detergent(aluminum)

Rubber mold detergent(aluminum) SUNECON KR-501

Developed as detergent for subborn stains such as carbon, on the steel and aluminum parts.

SUNECON KR-501 is a improved product of SUNECON parts cleaner which were developed as detergent for subborn stains such as carbon, on the steel and aluminum parts in . Made especially for cleaning purpose of aluminum mold used to manufacture rubber.

Does not violate or discolor the material even in use with harsh conditions such as high concentration, high temperature, long term immersion, or with ultrasonic waves.

Name KR-501
Liquidity Alkaline
Main uses

Ceaning of rubber manufacturing mold made of aluminum and those alloy.

Clean and removal of oil stains and carbon on the internal conunstion engine of car and ships.

Cleaning of precision parts.

Features Appearance Transparent liquid
Specific gravity 1.08(20℃)
PH 11(5%)
How to use Temperature 50~70℃
Concentration Undiluted~diluted


Immersion priod 10min~

When using for carbon type cleaning, the cleaning time could be shortened by shaking the immersion liquid or combining with ultrasonic waves.

Related laws and regulations Poisonous and deleterious substances control act
Fire services act
Industrial safety and health act Applicable
Water pollution prevention act PH、COD、BOD
Ordinance on prevention of organic solvent poisoning

Put on rubber glove and glasses for protection.

Be sure to not get splashed. The operating temperature is high.

Wash away with plenty of water, and consult the doctor immediately incase of the infection to your eyes and skin.

Look up MSDS for more information.


18kg petroleum can

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