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SUNECON E-7200Electrolytic cleaning detergent

Electrolytic cleaning detergent SUNECON E-7200

A detergent developed for electrolytic clening device to clean dirt adhesion after molding, steel skim, bavkas, and smut

Used in various electrolytic cleaning device

stains stuck to mold when molding. grease(hardened oil) stuck to the surface of steel. affect physically and chemically. clean up to every corner.

do not conflict poisonous and deleterious substances control act ,fire services act, nor PRTR law.easy to handle.

anode, cathode, PR could be choosed depending on the polarity.

Name E-7200
properties strong alkine
Main uses

cleaning of the mold [cleaning time:10~30min/ ]
(PC, PBT, ABS, PP, PPS, PA, LCP resin)

clean mineral oil and hardened oil.

remove bavkus and smut.

features appearance light yellow and transparent
odor none(before and after clening)
How to use Temperature room temperature~50℃
Concentration undiluted solution

electrolyc clesnsing

related law poisonous and deleterious substances control act
fire services act
Industrial safety and health act


sodium hydroxide

water pollution prevention act pH,C.O.D, B.O.D

do not use aluminum nor zinc to prevent the occurrence of hydrogen gas.

wash thoroughly to prevent the effect of alkine residue.

blow after washing, and spray the anti-rust.

※ SUNECON NR-JW is recommended

be sure to wear rubber glove, glass ,etc.

be sure to wash off when stuck to skin or eye, and consult to doctor when needed.

※ consult the safety data sheet for more information.

※ use SUNECON E-7200H for rubber mold clesning device.


20kg can

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