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Ingredients and types of mold cleaning agents

Its not too much to say that our life is build upon steel materials. However, steel possess a major disadvantage commonly known as "rust". Our fight against "rust" is a fate in our metal-age lives.

"Rust" is called as "Fire without a flame" which proceeds constantly, bringing fatal damage, such as decrease of strength and spoil of appearance.

What is rust prevention agent?

There are mainly 3 ways to prevent "rust".

Shutting off the surface from environment
Improving the storage environment
Applying corrosion resistant materials

Rust prevension oil is included as a "Shutting off the surface from environment" type.

Rust prevension oil handled in our company is included as a "Shutting off the surface from environment" type.

Unlike the normal lubricating oil, rust prevension oil shows strong anti-rust performance by polar group in anticorrosion additive showing a strong suction to the surface, which prevent corrosion factor to corrode the surface.

Major characteristic that rust prevension oil possess, is water displacement. You need to use solvent to clean the surface before using the rust prevension oil effectively. However, the moisture in the air will condensate to the surface as a droplet due to the tamperature decrease casued by latent heat of vaporization.

In these cases, water displacability is needed to effectively spray the rust prevention oil.

Our CPC product is classified as JIS NP-3-1, 2 water displacive rust prevention oil.

Anti-rust component, type, and usage


CPC X-813A is water insoluble rust prevention oil with high seawater resistance, and are suited for long term use.

Mainly used when shippping machines. Could be used for any type of metal including fine-finishing parts, mold, and non-ferrous metal incorporated machines. Mainly used when shipping machines, because of its speciality of anti-rust for long term and in harsh conditions.

CPC X-813A
Name CPC X-813A

・Strong anti-rustability and seawater resistance

・High water displacability

・Form thin layered anti-rust coating.

・Does not require removal from the lubricating surface, for its blendability with lubricating oil.

・Does not cause oil stain.

How to use

・Immersion, spraying, brushing, or by roller

・Easily removable by washing oil.

Feature Appearance Brownish transparent liquid.
Odor Petroleum solvent
Flashing point Above 42℃
Specific gravity 0.82 (20℃)


CPC X-815 is versatile rust prevention oil which prevent rust by replacing water and cutting fluid on the metal surface.

Suited for rust prevention of machine interior, fine-finishing parts, black dyed parts, and phosphorous film formed parts. Over a year of rust prevention performance is reported when wrapped with oil resistant paper. The film is dry, and does not stick to your hands.

The film made by CPC X-815 is thin, and replace water from metal surface, which makes it especially suitable for short term rust prevention.

CPC X-815
Name CPC X-815
How to use

・Spraying or brushing.

・Immerse and shake well when replacing large amount of water.

Feature Appearance Light brownish transparent liquid.
Flashing point Above 42℃
Specific gravity 0.79 (20℃)
Viscocity Low
Our removers

・Petroleum solvent (R-5500・R-5510)

・Alkaline detergent (KR-6140・KR-303)

・Chlorine type solvent (MF-P)


3months whne used indoor(general environment)


CPC Ⅱ-M dis versatile rust prevention oil.

Used as indoor rust prevention purpose for working machinery, pumping parts, turbine, engine, fine-finishing parts, etc

Generates thin layer(3~4μ) of transparent and water resistant rust prevention film, which enables to spread imemdiately. Also, the oil infiltrate deep into cracks replacing moisture. The film gives anti-rust, and lubrication performance,

How to use

・Immersion, spraying, brushing, or by roller

・Use our【CPC Type Ⅱ AE】fro use in aerosol.

・We recommend the use of our product listed beneath for removing.

Alkaline detergent :【KR-6140】【KR-303】

Petroleum solvent:【R-5500】【R-5510】

Chlorine type solvent: 【MF-P】

Feature Appearance Light brownish transparent liquid.
Odor Petroleum solvent
Flashing point Above 42℃
Specific gravity 0.81 (20℃)


Cautions when handling

・Use in open environment

・Use away from ignition source

※ Pay attention to GHS label when using.

※ For more information of safety and related laws, refer to SDS.

※ When using, refer to SDS or catalog, and be sure to assure safety of the user. If you feel something unusual, consult the doctor immediately.

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